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All-Pro Clients Include:

Mercury Insurance
Bank of America
Jack in the Box   Wells Fargo
Charter Communications
Teva Pharmaceuticals

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Eco Friendly Janitorial Services Company San Dimas

All-Pro is a complete commercial and eco friendly cleaning company in San Dimas, California specializing in green janitorial services. We're confident that we can bring improvement to the quality in your office building or home and at a very competitive rate. Count on All-Pro's eco cleaning services to keep your lobby, private offices, restrooms, kitchen, and common areas sparkling clean.

Green Office Cleaning Los Angeles, CA

Micro-fiber mops and wiping cloths Utilizing the latest in eco friendly cleaning technology to provide a more dust-free and sanitary office environment than the conventional and outdated methods still used by the majority of janitorial companies.

Micro-fiber mops and wiping cloths

Remove more dust to debris than the old feather dusters and dust mops and require less water and chemical to be effective.


Color-coding towels Allows the isolation of contaminants by area, helping to prevent the spreading of germs, such as those picked-up in the restrooms, to other areas in the facility, especially dining areas.

Dual compartment mop buckets

Dual compartment mop buckets

Separate the clean Solution from the wrung-out waste solution, helping to Prevent the spreading of germs while providing an overall cleaner surface.

Using multiple mopping systems and color-coding them for easy recognition aids in contamination isolation, such as our red system for restrooms and blue for office areas, etc. Additional color designations can be implemented as needed.

HEPA-grade backpack vacuums

HEPA-grade backpack vacuums Offer better filtration and greater versatility than standard commercial uprights. With these vacuums, we can vacuum areas unreachable by standard uprights, including high vacuuming of ceiling air vents. Additionally, these vacuums are more ergonomic for the user, keeping production high and injuries low.

Green Seal Certified Chemicals

Simply better for (1) the health of our workers, (2) the occupants of your office, and (3) the outdoor environment that we all share.

Green Seal Certified Chemicals

Green Commercial Office Cleaning Includes:

Rest rooms REST ROOMS:
  • Dust, using micro -fiber cloths, chair rungs, baseboards, and low reach areas
  • Dust window ledges and sills
  • Clean partition windows by separate section per day
  • Dust desk tops
  • Dust picture frames and moldings
  • Vacuum lobby couches

FLOORS / CARPET: Floors/Carpet
  • Machine scrub and wax floors on call

  • Clean/wipe all door kick plates and door jams

  • Empty all waste baskets
  • Replace liners as needed
  • Return waste baskets to original position

  • Dust all desks tops open areas and office furniture with micro-fiber cloths
  • Wipe and polish all table tops and counter tops
  • Damp dust chairs
  • Dust telephone equipment
  • Light dust computer monitors

  • Squeegee clean all entrance glass doors