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All-Pro Clients Include:

Mercury Insurance
Bank of America
Jack in the Box   Wells Fargo
Charter Communications
Teva Pharmaceuticals

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Commercial Construction Contractors

Our commercial construction company offers a complete line of commercial and industrial facility services for San Dimas, Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. We provide professional contractors, handyman, cleaning & maintenance solutions for your commercial and industrial facilities. We're confident our contractors can bring improvement to the service quality in your building or industrial facility at a very competitive rate.

Industrial Construction Services San Dimas

All-Pro offers:

General Construction




Texture Coating

Window installation

Door installation

Facility Clean-up

Hauling & dumping

  • Construction Services
  • Construction Services
  • Construction Services
  • Construction Services

If you have any questions regarding our industrial or commercial construction contractors or handyman services, please call us at (800) 346-9955 or (909) 592-4797 and one of our management team members will be pleased to address any inquiries.

All-Pro, Inc. is based in San Dimas, California and offers solutions for residential homes and commercial businesses in Los Angeles County. Our company has been active in servicing clients in Southern California since 1985.