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All-Pro Clients Include:

Mercury Insurance
Bank of America
Jack in the Box   Wells Fargo
Charter Communications
Teva Pharmaceuticals

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Specialty Carpet Cleaning Services San Dimas

At All-Pro Enterprises, we're committed to providing the best residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. Our highly-trained professionals use the most current technology, innovation and education to care for even the most delicate of surfaces. We incorporate environmentally-safe practices and are confident that we'll bring the highest quality of care to your residential or commercial space. All-Pro has been active in servicing clients in San Dimas, Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California since 1985.

Green Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

A stain can be a real eyesore on your carpet or furniture and weigh on your mind, especially for those who take pride in a clean, beautiful home or commercial workspace. All-Pro can solve any kind of stain problem with our expert shampoo and extraction methods.

All-Pro can get out the toughest stains:

  • Liquid stains - wine, coffee, tomato juice, soda
  • Food stains - chocolate, ketchup, jam, crumbs
  • Blood
  • Pet accidents
  • Dirt and mud
  • Oil and grease
  • Dust mites, pollen, germs, and pet dander in upholstery

Other benefits include:

  • Our Green Seal Certified Chemicals are strong enough to clean the deepest stains
  • We won't damage your furniture
  • Our eco friendly methods make for a safe environment
  • Our professional carpet cleaners are uniformed
  • Can be hired for short or long term work
  • Our rates are cost-effective
  • We offer flexible hours
Our professional carpet cleaners utilize the latest technology to clean for the health of the occupants of your home or business, while minimizing the negative effects the environment. We use Green Seal Certified chemicals for the health of our workers, clients and the outdoor environment we all share.

Location Services & Pricing

All-Pro offers professional upholstery cleaning services in San Dimas and Los Angeles County at fair and competitive prices. Call us today for a no obligation quote at: 800-346-9955 or 909-592-4797.