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Window Cleaning Services Southern California

All-Pro Enterprises offers professional and cost-effective window cleaning services in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. We take pride in ensuring your business or residence's windows are cleaned with the highest level of care. Our company services also include window screen and track cleaning, hard to remove paint, stucco and graffiti removals.

Window Cleaning by All-Pro

Be it a residential or commercial property, the window cleaning method depends on a few different factors. The size and or layout of the home or building, the design and or location of the windows, if the windows have screens, as well as a few other factors can all determine if the job is best cleaned with a squeegee or All-Pro's water-fed pole.

In addition to our window cleaning services, we offer the following services:
  • Screen cleaning
  • Track cleaning
  • Calcium deposit removal
  • Hard water removal
  • Paint, stucco and tape removals
  • Graffiti removal

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Our water fed pole cleaning technique is an alternative to traditional window cleaning methods. Instead of using ladders or lifts to reach high windows, our pure water window cleaning poles allow us to reach windows as high as 60 feet. Our water-fed poles are fitted with a brush to agitate and remove surface grime and impurities.The poles also have "pure water" (demineralized/deionized water) that is delivered up the pole to the brush head via a narrow hose.

Deionization (also referred to as demineralization) is one of the most efficient processes for removing ionic dissolved salts and minerals from water, creating a "pure water". This "pure water" is made possible by having standard tap water run through our portable deionized / demineralized water tanks that sit on the back of our trucks. The "pure water" is able to wash away the surface dirt and dry, spot free leaving no hard-water or calcium stains which you would traditionally see from tap water. This allows you to eliminate the need for a squeegee.

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