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All-Pro Clients Include:

Mercury Insurance
Bank of America
Jack in the Box   Wells Fargo
Charter Communications
Teva Pharmaceuticals

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Janitorial Building Services

Let All-Pro maintain your single or commercial office buildings, manufacturing & production facilities, or Multi-Unit Residential Common Areas. Our company also offers a complete line of professional construction solutions for Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley area

We're confident that we can bring improvement to the quality in your commercial office building and at a very competitive rate.

Commercial Office Cleaners Los Angeles

Count on All-Pro to keep your lobby, private offices, restrooms, kitchen, and common areas sparkling clean. Our janitorial building service includes waste receptacles, furnishings, glass, floors and carpets, lunchroom and coffee stations, and more. We also offer additional commercial janitorial building services including day porters, standby event cleaning, parking lot cleaning and maintenance, construction clean-up, general construction, painting, landscaping, and much more.
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Healthy Green Cleaning Program Recent technology allows us to provide professional office cleaning services that are more effective, better for the health of the custodians and office building occupants, and better for the health of the outdoor environment that we all share.
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Professional Office Cleaning

All-Pro All-Pro shall supply professional office cleaners who are competent to perform the duties required by this agreement. All-Pro shall at all times enforce strict discipline and order among its employees. All of our cleaners shall be properly uniformed or suitably attired. Our employees shall be fully instructed in the proper use of keys, locked or secured areas, and any special alarm systems in use at your office or commercial building. All-Pro shall discharge any janitor causing breech of the peace or violating any Customer policy or any provisions of this agreement.

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