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Hard Floor Cleaning Services

All-Pro Enterprises offers the best residential and commercial floor cleaning services in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. We take pride in ensuring your floors are scrubbed, waxed and polished to perfection. We offer the right combination of products, equipment and processes to keep all types of hard floors looking their best. And... we're great to work with!

What is Hard Flooring?

Materials commonly called hard flooring include wood, ceramic tile, stone, terrazzo and other seamless chemical floor coatings. Hard flooring also includes marble, slate, vinyl and linoleum - yes, "lino" which is back in style! All-Pro uses professional floor cleaners to ensure your floors are cleaned and protected in a professional manner.

  • Matching flooring types to cleaning products
  • Matching polishes, sealers and finishes
  • Proper equipment and techniques
  • Using green cleaning technology and products whenever possible
All-Pro offers the following services:
  • Hardwood - refinishing and waxing
  • Slate - scrubbing, dusting, removing grout stains
  • Stone - restoration and protection
  • Marble - polishing
  • Vinyl - removing scuffs & stains
  • Linoleum - deep cleaning, finish restoration
  • Terrazzo - stain removal, sealing protection

The Benefits of All-Pro

All-Pro's team of well-trained floor cleaners will ensure that your residential or commercial flooring is well maintained and kept detail clean. Our professional staff are uniformed and can be hired for short or long term work. Our rates are cost effective and we offer flexible hours for our clients.

Location & Pricing

Throughout Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County and Orange County, we offer cleaning services at fair and competitive prices. Call us today for a no obligation quote at: 800-346-9955 or 909-592-4797.